It’s not the plan that’s important it’s the planning!

It’s not the plan that’s important it’s the planning! Wise words from Dr Gramme Edwards!

We have all said, “Right, I’m going to be really good next week and take lunches to work”. We will say no to the cheeky hobnob at tea break and no to the McMuffin ritual at Friday’s brunch meeting. Monday arrives in a flash where has the weekend gone??!

Make things easier for can be done! Prepare lunch for the week in advance I promise it won’t take long.

Planning Tips-

Chicken- So easy to prepare and cook! By far one of leanest meats to eat and enjoyed by almost everyone.

I buy mine in bulk from a wholesaler or butcher. Ask your local butcher if they can get you chicken breasts in bulk!

Its a lot cheaper than the supermarkets and they are HUGE breasts! 😉 plus your supporting the local businesses in your area.

Or if you don’t have a local butcher near by, companies like Musclefood will deliver chicken breasts and other meats to you! these can be more expensive due to delivery but is a great option if you can’t source local and they do some great offers.

I freeze my chicken in freezer bags and defrost when I need it.

The photo above is 5 chicken breasts cut into chunks which will be grilled. This takes 20mins max (turning it once) this will allow it to cook properly. Cut it up smaller if you want to cook it quicker, grill it whilst eating your tea or doing the ironing.

Once cooled this should be wrapped in tin foil or stored in a container and chilled in the fridge. This will last me and my hubby around 3/4 days for lunches and snacks.

Chop it up and pop in your tupperware!

Salad Pot-

FullSizeRender (2)

This is a salad pot that I create every Sunday, it makes creating salads for the week a lot quicker as I’m not chopping up vegetables every night! Chop up anything you like, put it in a plastic container or a bowl (whatever is easiest to fit in the fridge) and voila!

I then add a handful to mine and the husbands lunch box along with some chicken. This saves us about 20 minutes every night.

(Tip – try not to store the salad at the back of the fridge as this is often too cold and can sometimes freeze the salad)

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