Tupperware on the go!


Salute to Earl Tupper who founded the Tupperware brand in 1948! People have been using Tupperware to store and transport food ever since.

So go out and buy some plastic containers! This is the first step on your mission to becoming more healthy on the go! You can get these from your local supermarket, Lakeland plastics, Wilko’s and even Tupperware themselves. They come in all shapes and sizes nowadays.

I particularly like the clean click containers from Lakeland Plastics as these are 100% leak-proof! Nothing worse than leaking containers in your handbag or car..I KNOW as I have had this experience on many occasions.


Plastic containers can be chilled, frozen and in some cases heated making it a perfect a solution for food on the move.

Keeping it fresh is the next challenge.

On a hot summers day, by the time you get to work after your hour commute, your lovely chicken salad could be really hot and wilted. Or that pot of overnight oats now smells of stale milk. Ewww!

I use a Thermo bag- nothing fancy as it just sits in my car all day. I also pop in 2 reusable freezer packs to keep my  food cold all day.


If you’re one of the lucky ones with a fridge at work..great! Pop it in there for the day, job done…

Image conscious?? Well, there are some nice lunch bags out there I think this one is cute. This is from Lakeland plastics and they have other designs as well.

lakeland lunch bag

I’m currently training hard and eating a strict diet which requires me to eat 6 meals a day. So I’m hoping to get a bag like this one below in the next few months!

https://preppedandpacked.com do some amazing bags to cater for all fitness enthusiasts. I’d say a perfect solution for anyone serious about diet and training like I am. 

Unfortunately, this will have to wait though due to moving house! All my money is being saved for the new home…Carpets, tiles and a new fridge are taking priority at the moment!

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