Be Breakfast Smart-

Research has shown that people who eat breakfast have more balanced diets than those who skip it, are less likely to be overweight, lose weight more successfully if overweight, and have reduced risk of certain diseases such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

Wow! Do I need to write anymore to convince you to eat a good breakfast? I am going to anyway…

So we wake up in the morning and have slept probably for around 6-8 hours so our bodies need FUEL! Unless you ate straight before you went to bed then your body hasn’t had food for around 10 hours.

Breakfast fuels our bodies, enables our brain to function effectively, improves our mood and concentration, I could go on. It helps us to get our bums to work, school or just out of the house! It actually sets you up for a productive day. So why do so many people skip breakfast or have a poor breakfast??  The answer is usually down to time!

If we are busy at work or in general and need to be on top form throughout the day then why are some people fueling their mornings with just a black coffee? Rushing to work and grabbing a croissant from a bakery just around the corner. Or waffling down a bowl of Special K whilst the kids brush their teeth?

In my opinion this isn’t the right fuel your body needs! This is just caffeine and sugar, basically empty calories…stimulants sending our bodies into overdrive! Hunger strikes mid morning and we cave in to the custard creams Carol brought into work, or we have eaten lunch we brought by 11am! Oops!

Croissants are delicious but they are a treat every now and then, if you are looking to become healthier that is.  Hence why you are most likely reading this.

Busy schedule breakfasts:

Eggs are high in protein which keeps you fuller for longer.

Poach, fry, scramble,soft or hard-boiled, such a versatile food!

Get up 10 minutes earlier than normal and have eggs on wholemeal toast.

Or if you don’t have time or can’t stomach breakfast first thing in the morning…boil some eggs the night before, peel and store in a tupperware container in the fridge and take to work the next day. Have these with some rice cakes or oat cakes. I love Narin’s oatcake’s they are so handy to have in my handbag as they come in little pouches.

I take 3-4 x hard-boiled eggs and some chicken in my tupperware as one of my breakfasts on the road. I also add salad or I sometimes have wilted spinach, mushrooms and cherry tomatoes that I have fried in a little coconut or rapeseed oil the night before.

This is high in protein and high in good fats which will make you feel fuller for longer! You won’t have hunger pangs at 10 am I promise!

If you like to have bread opt for wholemeal varieties or rye bread. Why not make a chicken and avocado sandwich? or an egg and smoked salmon sandwich? A great choice if you’re commuting to work.  You can eat these on the train, bus or at your desk.

This is certainly a lot better than having a bowl of highly processed,sugary cereal, a sugar-coated croissant or one of those Belvita cereal bars!

I workout in the mornings before work, so if you are an early bird like me you will need to have a carb based breakfast. For me this is usually porridge.

You could buy a box of porridge and take some to work and warm it there if you have a microwave. Or for even more convenience you can buy the ready-made pots. However be aware that these have powered milk and artificial sweeteners. I am very conscious of this so I prefer to buy a large box and add my own sweetener such as a little honey or some blueberries, it is a lot cheaper this way too.

I often eat my oats cold and will share a recipe with you via video if you would like to try it??

If you do want the recipe please comment below. 




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