Be Salad Savvy.

I love salads it’s all I eat to be honest but I don’t get bored and the reason for this, is because I am always adding something different to them everyday. This prevents boredom and makes sure I always look forward to eating my salad.

Food should be a pleasure and the more you enjoy it the more likely you are to continue eating it.

Healthy food, salads or clean eating as some people like to call it, doesn’t have to be bland. Here are some ideas to mix with those lovely green leaves which will keep your taste buds tantalized.

1)Use different leaves in your salad like rocket, spinach or lambs lettuce.

2)Add different vegetables like green beans, courgette or butternut squash.

3)I sometimes roast Mediterranean vegetables in the oven and have these instead of spinach.

4)My mixed pepper salsa over on my recipe page is a great accompaniment too, if you are not a fan of chunky raw vegetables.

5)Add a good source of protein like chicken, salmon, tuna, beef or crab. If you are vegetarian opt for pulses and lentils which are high in protein.

6)Other ingredients which work well are chorizo, bacon, cheeses like feta or halloumi, or why not try adding chilli flakes or seeds to add spice and different textures.

7)Good Fats are hot topic in the news at the moment and so they should be! Add avocado, olive oil, salmon, nuts and eggs to salads to provide your body with essential fatty acids (omega 3 & 6) which the body cannot produce.

8)Add some carbs like pitta bread, rice, couscous, lentils or potato to salads. These will be essential if you are working out during the day.

These items can all be prepped on Sunday and stored in containers in your fridge. Rice and potato will keep for 2-3 days if stored correctly. 

9)Experiment with different oils and dressings. I love balsamic vinegar it goes well with everything. However I recommend avoiding cream based dressings like caesar which is high in calories.

Something I like to have during the week is tuna with sun-dried tomato paste. This is really simple to make and tastes amazing.


1 x can of tuna

Black pepper

1 tsp of sun-dried tomato paste (I use Sacla Italia paste)

Mix all 3 ingredients together and that’s it!

I hope you like this post and it has given you some inspiration. If you would like me to share some more ideas/recipes please comment below or on my social media.

Thank you for taking time to visit my page.



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