A picture of health

Health is the most important thing we should consider before adopting a change in lifestyle. For example training for a marathon or maybe a triathlon or even starting a diet ready for your fast approaching holiday.
Health means different things to different people but for me health means having energy, clear skin being able to concentrate at work, getting a good nights sleep, having no injuries and not being ill.

Many people go to extreme when it comes to dieting or training to make it happen faster, we are impatient beings, we want it now! These things all take time and we shouldn’t sacrifice our health to get to our goal faster.

My biggest frustration is with the media! They create a pressure, stress, a need for people to have the perfect body or the clearest skin, to be the prettiest, skinniest or the richest. Even a thigh gap and getting one of those waist belts seems to be the craze I see in magazines and on social media at the moment.

Then we have greed! The people and companies who exploit and brainwash people striving for perfection, making billions every year. Whilst millions of people gain nothing but weight, stress, anxiety, depression and even anorexia.

There is a product available I saw on social media recently (I wont mention names for obvious reasons) that is a powder you drink and swells your stomach to stop you eating! This is scary as not only does this prevent people from learning when to stop eating, if taken incorrectly can close your throat and stop people from breathing!!! Are people this desperate, lazy or damn right bloody stupid?! Obviously yes as the retweets were in the thousands.

If something makes us feel tired, irritable, stressed, ill or could even kill us, is it really worth it??

What do we gain putting ourselves through it? If anything we are going to get sick of feeling crap and stop doing what we are doing all together or push ourselves too far that we end up in hospital or injured which means we have to pull out of our competition or stop our diet.

Detoxing, dieting and over training, i’ve done them all!!! They didn’t help me achieve anything except weight gain, shin splints, constant colds, iron deficiency, IBS and stress!
I have learnt my lesson and thankfully the majority of the above issues I experienced have disappeared.

I have learnt to listen to my body and have also realised becoming a better version of me is a journey, setting goals along the way to make the journey enjoyable.

As they say, Rome wasn’t built in a day!

A healthy body and mind could take months or years to create but if done correctly and with patience will ensure you are able to maintain good health and most importantly your happiness.

Here is some food for thought….

1) Set achievable, realistic short and long term goals.

2) When looking at diets, detox’s etc. Think about the long term effects on our health. Is skipping a meal and having a shake or herbal tea instead healthy?

3) If injured, is booking another race for a months time the right thing to do?

4) If diet pills actually worked wouldn’t doctors be supplying them and be flying off the shelves?

5) Is training every day with no rest days helping or hindering your performance?

6) Is depriving ourselves of our favourite food in the week to then binge on it at the weekend good for our mind or body?


One thought on “A picture of health

  1. Lorraine Moody says:

    Really sound good advice, cannot understand why people try all these different diet pills and stupid fad diet, soup diets etc which are not healthy, when really all they need is to watch what the eat, portion control eat healthy drink plenty of water, exercise . And planning .
    Eg what your eating throughout the week. All makes sense what your saying.
    Excellent site .


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