Tips on staying lean in BBQ season!

As soon as the sun appears us brits pull out the bbq and start soaking up the beautiful sunshine! We don’t get a lot so it is great when we can enjoy cooking and dining alfresco!

I love the smell of burning coals and the sound of meat sizzling away.

However BBQs often mean we over indulge particulary on fatty meat, bread and alcohol.

This is fine, enjoy it, but again everything in moderation! This will mean you are able to enjoy the food and not feel guilty.

To help I have created a few tips and a recipe to help!

One of my favourtie things to cook on a BBQ are vegetables! Now some of people might think BORING! Sorry but these are delicious and will enhance the rest of your food.

BBQ’d Mediterranean Veg:


1 x large red onion

2 x Peppers (Any colour)

1 x Courgette

10 x cherry or plum tomatoes

Olive oil

Salt and pepper

1 x teaspoon of dried basil.

Tin foil


Light your BBQ.

Whilst the coals are getting hot prepare your vegetables.

Cut all of the vegetables into large chunks. I like to cut the courgette horizontally to resemble large chips.

Prepare a large piece of tin foil about the same size a large plate. Fold this in half and then fold over the each of the edges of the foil.

Pour a tablespoon of oil onto the foil and then add the cherry tomatoes in the centre.

Sprinkle over some salt, pepper and the basil.

Mix with your hands.

When the bbq is hot put the chunky vegetables on the grill and cook alongside your meat.

Pop the foil plate of tomatoes on the bbq as well.

When the vegetables start to char and are looking cooked add these to tin foil with tomaotoes and keep on the BBQ.

If you have a grill shelf away from the severe heat pop them there.

Overall cooking should take about 10-15 mins and will depend on your BBQ temperature when you put them on.

Popping them in the foil with the tomatoes will prevent them burning but will keep them warm. However if you are happy that they are cooked, you could take them off the bbq and serve.

I then drizzle in balsamic vinegar and serve.

Other Tips-

1) Instead of buying ready made marinades which are high in fat and sugar. Make your own marinades using herbs and spices.

I like this Indian inspired spice mix-

  • 1 x teaspoon of each of these: Cumin, mixed spice, cinnamon, tumeric and chilli flakes.
  • I then mix in olive oil and rub this on lamb or chicken about an hour before cooking.

2) Make your own burgers using lean cuts of beef. Look for % fat content in the supermarket or at your butchers. Or if you don’t like beef why not try turkey burgers?

3) Opt for rice, potatoes, lentils or quinoa instead of bread. This is easier to digest and will help prevent bloating. (Great if your wearing a bikini)

4) Make your own coleslaw or potato salads. You then know what is in them and in my opinion they taste so much better.

Avocado & potato salad-

1 x pack of new potatoes

2 x tablespoons of mayonaise or greek yogurt

70g Avocado mashed

Hanful of chives or spring onion

Salt and pepper.

Paprika (Optional)

1 x teaspoon Olive oil.

Cook the potatoes, drain.

Mix the mayo, avocado and seasoning together in a large bowl.

Cut cooked potatoes into halves and add to the mixture.

Toss the potatoes in the mixture and drizzle with a little olive oil.


I hope these ideas have been helpful, let me know what you think.

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