Battle of the beige!

Why is it we can never get a healthy lunch or snack at a conference, function or a meeting? The long tables of beige greet us as we all pile out of our meetings thirsty, hungry and wishing 5pm would hurry up. Sandwiches, rolls, chips, chicken goujons, quiche, biscuits and cakes cover the tables at most conferences I have been to. There is literally nothing green insight, as those of us who are health conscious stare on in disappointment and either skip lunch completely or give in to a plate of sandwiches.

What frustrates me is that after lunch we go back into these conferences or meetings with full bellies, feeling sluggish and yet we are expected to concentrate, be alert and full of energy.

So why on earth are our employers feeding us the beige crap??! It baffles me.

I know some people enjoy the tasty mini sausage rolls and mini Victoria sponges washed down with a tea but I bet if we look at them at 3pm they are either nodding off or practically biting their own arm off as hunger strikes.

Mid afternoon coffee break arrives, 5pm is near and this time we are greeted by trays of biscuits, mini scones and if you are lucky a bowl of fruit! Thank god I take my protein shake and other snacks with me otherwise i’d be eating my chair!

I often hear colleagues say “well that’s my diet out the window!” these people often end up bingeing for the rest of the day due to the empty calories consumed and feel guilty for it the rest of the week. I know how that feel’s as I’ve been there!

To be fair though things are improving, particularly where I work as most of the meetings I go to now we all eat in the hotel restaurant, where there is a choice of hot/cold meals and a salad bar. I assume this costs a lot more though and not all companies can afford to do this.

Don’t be afraid of taking your tupperware, I’m certainly not and I bet I am the envy of my health conscious colleagues.

I know not everyone wants to eat healthy but I bet if we asked all our colleagues and management team if they would be interested in eating food that makes them more focused, productive and have more energy for the rest of the day that they would say yes!

Healthy food doesn’t have to be a bowl of salad! A plate of wholemeal sandwiches filled with chicken, avocado and bacon would be a perfect choice. High in protein, good fats and slow release carbs.


If anyone finds it difficult to eat healthy whilst at a meeting or conference, ask your manager in advance if they are able to provide a healthier option for you. 

If this isn’t an option take your own food in a cool bag, at least you know that whatever scenario you come across you are prepared. 




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