Going away on a course, conference or working away for a while? Don’t let healthy eating habits slip and have a date with Mcdonalds every night.

If we have been training hard and seeing results a week away from the norm can have an impact on our goals.

If you want to relax and let go though and you know you won’t feel guilty then that’s great. But if your looking to stay on track this post will help you along the way.

Whether were staying in a Travelodge, B&B or a 4 star hotel we can still eat healthy and I’m going to share with you how this can be done.

Being prepared is the key to success so here are a few suggestions which may help you.

If your staying in a large hotel, restaurant staff will always try to accommodate requests where possible so don’t be scared to ask!

Scope the menu on the hotel/restaurants website before arrival or in your hotel room.

If you are staying in a Travelodge, Holiday Inn Express or Premier Inn, these don’t always have a restaurant on site. So unless there are any restaurants nearby you might get in a pickle?! So have a look what is nearby before arrival so you can plan accordingly. 


Eggs are the best breakfast in my opinion, the majority of hotels will have a hot buffet so scrambled or fried eggs are always on offer. Potentially the hotel may offer omelettes or poached eggs, so i’d recommend asking if you wish to have this instead.

Choose brown/wholemeal bread if available.  If following a low carb diet, instead of bread you could have grilled tomatoes or mushrooms from the hot buffet to fill out your breakfast.

If there is only continental available I would recommend porridge or some greek yogurt with fruit. Avoid croissants, muffins and pastries where possible.


Take food away with you eg: Protein shakes, protein bars, fruit, instant porridge oats, rice cakes, oatcakes or peanut butter are all good ideas. These are all easily stored in a suitcase and will save you from spending money on snacks whilst away.


You may notice from previous posts that im quite organised and like to be prepared. So I always take my tupperware and cutlery so I can nip into a shop and buy a bag of salad and some pre-cooked chicken if necessary.

This also helps if I haven’t got time to prepare a meal in advance. This may seem extreme to some people, however if you have had the same experience as me, arriving to a meeting just off the side of the motorway and the only thing stocking some type of food is the Cadbury machine in the corridor, then I don’t feel it is extreme.

If you are away for more than one night, just wash out your tupperware when you get back to your hotel room in the sink, dry and use again the next day if necessary.

Take a pot of balsamic vinegar, this will provide a nice dressing for salads if having to make one whilst away.

I have found with all hotels that I have stayed in they have been able to store items for me in their fridge and my cool packs in their freezers.

Some convenience stores and supermarkets sell their own pre-made salads which are good for convenience, however they are often laden with calories, excess mayo or calorific dressings.

If you pass a welcome break on your travels, the majority of these service areas have a food hall where I found a company called ‘Tossed’ a year ago http://tosseduk.com/

These guys make fantastic salads and you can even create your own. I love them as I can pick and choose from a large variety of flavours and add or limit carbs depending on what I need for the day. Such a great concept and I hope they will eventually be available at all service areas.

Also I have recently discovered a company called ‘BOL’ who make salad jars!http://www.bolfoods.com/salad-jars/

These look amazing and the founder ensures that each jar is full of nutritious natural ingredients. Just shake the jar to mix the ingredients up and your salad is done, their is even a fork inside! Unfortunately the jars aren’t yet available in Norfolk, the nearest stockist is Sainsbury’s in Cambridge. However you can order online and these are more readily available in larger cities. Stockists include Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Waitrose. I am on the hunt for one of these when I’m next on my travels so I can have a try.


As mentioned above, scope the menu before going out and decide what you are going to eat to help you avoid unhealthy choices.

Have a small snack 2 hours before dinner eg a handful of nuts or a protein shake, this will reduce hunger and will stop you eating the whole bread basket whilst waiting for your dinner.

If having a drink with your meal, opt for prosecco or a vodka and soda. These are less sugary in comparison to beer or wine so have less calories.

I hope this post is helpful if so please comment below and share with your friends and family.




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