Garlic and tomato pesto

I love pesto, especially when it is freshly made.

Try this mixed into courgetti, pasta or smothered on a salmon fillet. It doesn’t take long to prepare either.

You will need a food processor or a blender to blitz the ingredients.

Serves 2-4 people


30g x Pine Nuts

30g x Cashew nuts

2 x Large handfuls of spinach

1 x Dessert spoon of parsley

1 x Large garlic clove

2 x Dessert spoons of olive oil

1 x Dessert spoon of tomato paste

1 x Teaspoon of lemon juice

Salt and pepper to taste.


Put the pine nuts and cashews in the food processor and pulse for a few seconds.

Peel and chop the garlic clove in half and add this to the food processor.

Chop the spinach leaves roughly and add this to the blender with the parsley.

Add the olive oil, salt,pepper, lemon and tomato paste.

Blitz all the ingredients together which should now resemble a rough paste, you will need to scrape the edges of the bowl and pulse again to fully combine the ingredients.

If the mixture is too thick add a little more oil and blitz again.

This is now ready to add to your courgetti, pasta, or fish.



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