My Bikini Diary!

So I competed in my first bikini competition last weekend! I chose to keep this quiet and away from social media as I didn’t want any pressure or negativity.

I have always admired the men and women who compete, I look at the amazing bodies in photos and think it is amazing what these people do.

I always have people say to me don’t start looking like a man or don’t get too bulky?! Seriously….If that could happen i’d need to be popping some steriods! 
I have found my experience a real challenge, both mentally and physically. I wanted to test my mental strength and willpower to the max! I believe if you can do this for 12 weeks or more then you can do anything. I have really enjoyed the journey though even though it’s been hard.

Food is one of life’s pleasures and that is the challenge…it was torture when my husband was tucking into gammon egg and chips that I had prepared for him and I was having grilled salmon and broccoli! 

I didn’t have any chocolate, crisps, bread or sweets for 70 days! This included alcohol and my diet has been extremely strict, weighing everything and eating often.

During in the last few weeks of prep I had literally zero sugar in my diet, only natural sugars from vegetables and blueberries! I haven’t missed it to be honest. The only time I craved anything is when I saw it on Instagram and when I was thinking about my reward meal after the show! 

Hats off to everyone who competes it takes hard work, dedication and sacrifice to get the body stage ready.

It is also tiring and drains you physically and mentally. The last 2 weeks were the hardest for me I was pushing myself hard with extra cardio and being on a keto diet meant I had very little carbs for energy.
I was put on keto as I wasn’t shifting enough bodyfat/water. Keto is basically the atkins diet which means only 30-40g of carbs per day. It isn’t safe for long periods of time and I know someone who had kidney problems from it due to the duration she was on it.

Everyone’s body reacts differently there isn’t one diet that suits everyone. For example a lovely girl I met at the show was able to eat a huge pizza the night before the competition and her abs were popping on show day.

I just want to point out that nobody looks like they do on stage everyday! This is impossible unless the person wants to cause damage to their body and hormones.

During peak week water consumption went up and 48hours before this decreased in order to dry out. Drying out the body makes you look leaner for the stage which in turn helps improve muscle definition.

So apart from the training and the diet there is also the bikini, shoes, make up, jewellery and posing to consider. You can’t wear your standard beach bikini as you need to stand out for the judges. So I purchased my bikini from Selina bikinis, they have a beautiful range to choose from along with shoes and jewellery depending on your budget.

Posing was very hard to start with, a lovely lady called Luisa Hegg helped me and we practiced for a couple of hours to get me into the positions required to accentuate the body. Luisa competes herself and was able to give me tips and really helped boost my confidence. She is an amazing lady and very inspirational. After my first session my whole body ached and I practiced everyday at home in the mirror to get it right.

For my tan I hired a professional at the venue. This tan isn’t a normal tan, competition tan is on a whole new level! The lights on stage are so bright therefore a dark tan is required to enchance your structure.

A1 tanning were booked for the show which is owned by Nicola Gilbert and her husband.A1 Tanning Facebook

Such a lovely down to earth couple who made me feel very welcome on the day and calmed my nerves. The passion and support A1 tanning delivered was amazing and they answered all of my pre show questions. I would highly recommend a professional especially these guys as you are also marked on your tan at some shows.

Here is a photo of me on the morning of the show and also one of me tanned and ready to go on stage. As you can see the tan does make a difference.๐Ÿ˜Š

I was very happy with my presence on stage but if im honest I was expecting to look better than I did on show day. I have learnt from this experience though and will eventually identify what does work for me. I also moved house that week/weekend which put me under some additional stress in the build up to show day.
Unfortunatley I didn’t place on the day, I wasn’t expecting to as it was my first competition. I have a lot of areas to work on particularly my glutes, hamstrings and abs. 

It is hard mentally not to think negative  thoughts about yourself following feedback post show. I got some positive feedback and areas I would need to work on to place next time. No one deep down likes critism especially if it is very personal. However if you are prepared to get on stage to be judged you have to be able to take the feedback and move on.

I loved the experience and the buzz of being on stage. I have definitely caught the bug and will be doing another show next year. 

Thank you to my family and close friends for all their support and thank you, to you for reading this post.


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