Crispy Chicken Goujons.

Warning!!! Low carb tasty chicken recipe alert.

Im super excited to share this, I have cooked it twice now. A super healthy and tasty alternative to breaded or battered chicken, even the kids will enjoy these!

These are gluten free, great for paleo diets and low carb lovers.

Plus you get to bash the hell out of some chicken breasts so if you have had a bad day this is a great way to de stress!

You can also adapt the recipe by adding additional herbs or other spices if you wish.

Ingredients- Serves 2-4ย 

2 – 3 Large chicken breasts cut into strips.

70g Ground almonds

2 x tsps of garlic powder

2 x tsps of smoked paprika

1 tsp of mixed herbs

Salt & Pepper

1 x egg

Greaseproof paper

Baking tray.

Rolling pin and clingfilm


Line a baking tray with greaseproof paper

Cut a large length of cling film and place this onto a chopping board and lay the chicken on top. Fold the remaining clingfilm over the top of the chicken to cover completely.

With a rolling pin bash out the chicken breasts until they are fairly flat. Then cut the breasts into strips.

In a bowl mix together the ground almonds, paprika, garlic, herbs and salt and pepper.

Pour the mixture onto a plate ready for coating the chicken.

In a seperate bowl whisk an egg.

Turn on the grill to a medium heat.

Firstly dip the chicken into the egg mixture,then the almond mixture and coat evenly on both sides.

Place the chicken breasts onto the pre lined baking tray and place under the grill for 12-15 mins turning once during cooking time.

This will ensure both sides are cooked evenly and will make sure they crisp on both sides.

Once cooked serve with a nice salad or vegetables for a healthy, nutritious dinner the whole family will enjoy!

Id love to know your thoughts so if you do try this please let me know by commenting below and sharing with your friends and family.


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