Protein shakes!

The market is flooded with them, big brands offering lots of different products but do we actually need them??

Some may argue but I believe protein shakes are a cheap, simple and convenient way of adding more protein to our diets. 

I wouldn’t suggest replacing a meal with a shake…however they are an excellent snack for busy people and are essential in my opinion post workout.

However the busy and confusing market place often makes it very difficult for consumers to identify a good product that is good value for money and isn’t riddled with sugar.

If your looking to invest in a protein shake here are my tips on helping you find a good protein shake to meet your needs.

1. Check the ingredients before you buy. If it doesn’t have protein as its number one ingredient or more than 10g of protein per 30g serving then I would suggest not buying it.

2. Don’t buy anything diet! This costs more and often has more sugar and carbs to its counterpart. Its a money making scam. Don’t even be fooled by the green tea extract if thats in the ingredients!

3. What is the protein derived from? Is it whey protein? Soy? Pea? There are lots of excellent sources out there to suit all dietery requirements. 

4. Different flavours have different levels of sugar so opt for low sugar options if you are concerned about sugar intake.

5. Carb content- Some brands (which I will not mention) have a whopping 10-15g of carbs per serving with around 5g of protein! These brands market these products as a protein shake which obviously isn’t the case.

6. Male and female versions of the same product usually have the same ingredients so don’t be fooled by a pink label and a higher price tag. Some protein shakes are targeted at male gainers looking to build large amounts of muscle mass so calorie content could be a lot higher, therefore people should be aware of this when looking to purchase.

7. Isolate protein is the purest protein on the market with over 90% protein which is quickly absorbed by the body. This often doesn’t taste as nice as whey as it isn’t mixed with sugar. However don’t be put off as you can add your own sweetner.

8. Buy a sample before buying a large quantity of any product to see if you like the taste and how it affects your digestion.

9. Don’t just buy a brand based on the people endorsing them! Do your research to identify what is right for you.

10. Protein shakes will not make people fat! Overall calorie intake and lifestyle choices make people fat.

I hope this information has been useful? Take a look at the other posts on my blog giving you lots of healthy eating tips and recipes. 

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