To weigh or not to weigh?  

That is the question..

Does it actually matter how much we weigh?     

Our weight can fluctuate daily so why do people torture themselves jumping on the scales every day? Or comparing their weight to others?    

At the gym I see the same people step on scales daily, the sad step as me and other people like to call it.

The power the scales have to change our mood is incredible. One minute we feel great, ready for the day and then we step on the scales and it can suddenly turn a good day into a excellent day if lost weight, or turn it into a day of self torment if we have gained a couple of pounds! 

If it’s the latter, dispair and shock sets in and we then start thinking where did it go wrong? This, in my opinion only creates an unhealthy mindset and could potentially make people give up being healthier or exercising.

A 5ft 10 female size 8 could weigh more than a 5ft 4 female size 12 due to their overall body composition, or they could weigh the same. The same goes for men.

Im not saying don’t weigh ourselves ever again. Use the scales as a tool to monitor progress over time, and only if we understand our weight will fluctuate and it shouldn’t be deemed as the key to success, or a reason to beat ourselves up.

After all, muscle weighs more than fat so if your dieting and training hard its likely to be muscle growth, or water that you have gained not fat. 
Also our bodies are made up of 60% water, so water will fluctuate daily which can impact what the scales will say.

I firmly believe that taking note of how our clothes fit, and how good we feel out weigh the importance of body weight! 

Here are my tips to monitor your progress-

Scales- Use these weekly or bi weekly first thing in the morning. Preferably on an empty stomach, naked, or if your at the gym before a work out and take off your shoes.

Progress photos-  This is my prefered method, taking photos in your underwear and doing this every 2-4 weeks. This will show people more results than the scales ever will. 

Tape measure- Measure your waist, hip and chest with a tape measure and track this every 4 weeks.

So after reading the above how much we weigh doesn’t actually matter really does it? 

I’d love to hear from you, so please comment below if this has been a useful post. 


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