The low down on the coffee giants festive drinks menus!

Starbucks, Cafe Nero and Costa have all released their Christmas drinks menu for 2016. 
People seem to get very excited about these, each to their own but i’d much rather sink my teeth into a large slice of chocolate cake or a delicious mince pie.

Due to bad publicity in recent years, largely due to the sheer volumes of sugar and fat in their Christmas drinks range, Starbucks owners can sleep better this Christmas knowing they have reduced the sugar content across a selection of their festive drinks menu! 

However don’t be fooled these drinks are still laden with huge amounts of sugar and fat. 

If people are health concious like me,  I certainly wouldn’t recommend indulging regularly in these hot festive beverages on your daily coffee run. These are definitely a treat and here are a few examples of why….

Starbucks’ new Fudge Hot Chocolate has been ranked one of the most unhealthiest festive drinks this year! 
The indulgent drink contains 287 calories that’s more than many of the chain’s sugary cakes and treats! And despite reducing the sugar content in its hot chocolate recipe by 22 per cent this year, the drink still contains 31.1g of sugar! One of the highest amounts on any festive menu!! It also has 11.9g of fat. 

Caffe Nero’s new Tiramisu Hot Chocolate contains 291 calories and a whopping 50.9g of sugar and this is its regular size! 

The Starbucks classic Toffee Nut Latte.
Despite having sugar content reduced by 4 per cent this year it still has 31g of the stuff! it also has 268 calories with 11.1og of fat

Costa’s unhealthiest festive coffee, is the new Honeycomb Latte, containing 217 calories

However there are a few healthier options for those of you who are interested.

Costa has a salted caramel cappuccino which is only 64 calories, it also has the least amount of sugar. 

Caffe Nero have also introduced a new tiramisu latte which also fairs well on the low sugar side.

As with all drinks at any of these chains you can still enjoy them without the cream and syrups which will reduce the calorie,sugar and fat content slightly. 

If your interested in saving your pennies and your waist line this Christmas here is a tasty drink you can enjoy without the guilt.

120ml x Alpro dark chocolate almond milk 
1 tsp x coffee

40ml x boiling water

Sprinkle of cinnamon.

Boil the kettle and dissolve the coffee in the 40ml of hot water.

Add the dark chocolate milk and stir. 

Place in a microwave on full power for 1 minute 

Once warm enough sprinkle some cinnamon on top and enjoy.

This drink contains-
Calories- 59 Carbs- 9.5g Sugar- 8.6g Fat- 1.6g

I’d love to know what you think.

Also i’d like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas.

From Victoria x

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