Become a Fat Burning Machine!

Want to burn more fat and become a fat burning machine? I know do! 

Are you struggling to lose weight or finding your putting on weight and don’t know why?
Having a good metabolism will mean you are burning calories especially fat more efficiently.

Here are 8 ways you could be destroying your body’s ability to burn fat! 

1)Yo yo dieting- This ruins your bodies ability to burn fat. Putting your body into huge calorie deficit, giving up for a few months and repeating.

2)Skipping meals- Food is fuel eat to perform well at daily tasks. Skipping meals won’t make you lose weight long term.

3)Eating junk food daily will increase your hunger and doesn’t provide your body with essential nutrients needed to help your body burn fat.

4)Eliminating food groups eg: carbs! Our bodies need carbs as one of its primary sources of energy! If we go to low for too long our metabolism will slow down considerably and can cause serious health problems.

5)Doing too much exercise! Yep too much isn’t good the body.

6)Lack of sleep- Tiredness increases the release of the hormone Ghrelin, which makes you hungry and reduces the hormone leptin, (which suppresses your appetite) making you eat a lot more than usual.

7)Drinking too much alcohol!

8)Stress- Cortisol which is the stress hormone destroys your ability to burn fat so if your over training, not sleeping or stressed you will find it more difficult to burn fat.

Here are 7 top tips on firing up that metabolism to make you a fat burning machine! 

1)Eat 5 x day-  3 main meals and 2 snacks

2)Lift weights 4 x per week- More muscle = greater fat burn! (Ladies for those concerned you will not get bulky lifting weights)

3)Do a mixture of HIIT training and steady cardio sessions. Long cardio sessions every day won’t help you become better at burning fat. A mixture of cardio and weight training is optimal and will keep your routine varied.

4)Drink 2+ litres of water daily!

5)Get 7-8 hours sleep per night minimum.

6)Rest days in between your workouts-These are just as important as exercise.

7)Relax!! As much as possible…Take up Yoga or try mediation these can really help.

Are you doing any of the above? If anyone has questions please get in touch.

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